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downloadNowt to report yet but I knew that would be the case and it does highlight the benefits of a flexible challenge like ROW80. I knew I had a busy week at work ahead when I signed up and it would have been all to easy for me to simply not bother with it and chalk it up as as being just too hard. Another opportunity would be going by and, instead, I’m looking forward to the next few days when I can get started.

I have to admire the fine grained goals and targets of other participants of ROW80. I know it’s the best way to go about setting goals (SMART and all that) so I’m slightly envious when I look at my rather sprawling, bloated and indistinct goal of 60,000 words in 80 days.

My Pacemaker plan did allow for a few days without words and it starts with a gentle ramp up of effort. I’ll spend some time this evening pulling together my characters and plot before launching into some initial scenes tomorrow. I think I would benefit from having a detailed outline, a road map if you will, so I may need to accommodate that in my schedule, but I’ve also found that some initial writing helps me ‘find’ (if not too pretentious) the characters at the start.