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As planned it has been a gentle start to ROW80 but, nonetheless, a start has been made.

I am still not 100% decided on my POV for this one. I’ve started off with third person but I’m suspecting first person might be the way to go. However, I’m wary that it might be difficult to raise the necessary suspense with that POV. The book I’m reading just now (American Outlaw by John Stonehouse) starts with a first person perspective and is flicking into third person for the sections with US Marshall Whicher. And, do you know, I’m fine with it and it doesn’t jar with me. So, why sweat it now?

The most important thing with any writing is that I’m determined that I won’t undermine myself – it’s easy to see how the anxiety around this could quickly lead to a rise in doubts and become an act of self-sabotage. I’ve learned this with non-fiction writing; how I need to suspend my anxiety with the utter dross of my first draft and how it often doesn’t come good until several drafts down the line. I still need to learn to do that with fiction, to hold the line and to keep going until it feels better.