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My first review is up on Crime Fiction Lover. Mari Hannah’s book Gallows Drop and another tricky case for DCI Kate Daniels. Head over there for the full review.

There is an interesting dynamic to writing book reviews and checking out other reviewers. I did take a look at Amazon while I was writing the review and I noticed that Gallows Drop had several reviews already. Presumably these must be from beta readers or ARCs as the reviews were posted before the publication date.

The tone of some of them is, well, a little gushing. That isn’t enormously surprising given that Hannah has a wee army of loyal fans. She’s got a successful series with a popular detective and the authenticity inherent in her police procedurals is brilliant. Perhaps I’m just naturally more reserved and, as a result, I tend to blush when anyone gets too super-enthusiastic.

I’m just finishing the review for Dead Lemons by Finn Bell. I will save it for Crime Fiction Lover and while I’m not sure I’ll ever do ‘gushing’, I can at this stage suggest it is well worth your time.