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deadlemons300I’ve just reviewed Dead Lemons by Finn Bell – click on the image to read the full review at

It is indie published by Finn and is a great example of some of the fantastic work out there. A strong cover and, most importantly, good writing as well. He has also got strong reviews on – currently 70 reviews with an average of 4.8. Great job, that is really ace and reflective of the high standard here.

As an academic exercise as someone who is watching this niche, it is interesting to look at how this book is faring in terms of sales. I’ve no idea how many it is doing but I wonder, given the quality, if the sales rank doesn’t quite follow – #39,983 in Kindle Store at the time of writing. Finn has picked some really tough categories as well. My understanding of Amazon category wisdom is that you want to try and sit high in a category – you’ll get more visibility and Amazon’s algorithms will help you out. This is where it currently lies:



Phew. Tough categories. I’d be very tempted to suggest this book could do even better in a niche category. These are high competition categories where the big boys play.

When I read the book I was also a little surprised not to get invited to Finn Bell’s email list but he hasn’t got one at the moment. It seems just about every person recommends an email list in the indie world.

Finn has another book out – Pancake Money. He deserves to do well – great writing and I wish him the very best. He also illustrates how competitive the market is out there for indies. He should be smashing it with books this good and I’d like to think that it will happen in the near future.